• Proactive Protection
    Against Advanced Cyber Threats

    Experience proactive cyber security and
    protect your system from advanced cyber threats.
    We provide proactive countermeasure to
    diagnose malicious threats faster and accurate than the one before.






Why SecuLetter?

  • Proactive Prevention

    Proactively detect and block the malicious contents before reaching to your internal systems.

  • Fast & Accurate Diagnosis

    5 times faster than existing sandbox-based solution and provide accurate diagnosis by analyzing assembly level.

  • Anti-Evasive Technique

    Neutralize evasive malware proactively by SecuLetter's own patent automatized reverse-engineering technology.


  • Email Security for
    Advanced Threat Protection

    Pre-detects sophisticated malicious codes hidden in the email.
    (Available as On-premise & SaaS)

  • Flexible for Shared Protocols and
    API Integration

    Locates within the file inflow path to internal systems and
    remove threat efficiently.

    • Document Centralization
    • Web Bulletin Board


  • 23 2022.06
    SecuLetter joined RSAC 2022 in San Francisco!

    SecuLetter joined RSAC 2022 in San Francisco from 6th June to 9th June. During the show, we presented Advanced Email Security (SLE, SLES) & Advanced File Security (SLF). More than 500 attendees visited SecuLetter's booth, and most people were attracted by our own patent technology "Automatized Reverse Engineering" technique. Thank you very much for everyone who showed interest in SecuLetter & it was great experience to join our first in-person RSAC event. See you again in RSAC 2023!

  • 07 2022.04
    Why do we still need to invest in Email Security Enhancement?

    Emails most vulnerable link for cyber security threats Emails are the weak link in cyber security as over 90 percent of malware is initiated through mailing systems, even for enterprises deploying multiple security solutions to protect their infrastructure. Malware, phishing and URL-based threats all exploit emails as a valuable vector for cyber attacks and the recent threat faced by Chosun Media Group is a testament to such threats. Read more...

  • 07 2022.04
    How did the founder of SecuLetter raise $12M to build an advanced security company?

    Chasung Lim is the Founder and CEO of SecuLetter. SecuLetter Co., Ltd is an information security company that develops and provides products that detect, diagnose, analyze and block malicious code attacks that are difficult to diagnose by signature and behavior-based security solutions using proprietary automatized reverse engineering analysis technology. Read more...