• 5 2022.08
    Attorney Woo is extraordinary, but the cyber attack is very ordinary.

    [Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Episode 15. Hacking] (Before starting, I’d like to tell you that this post is not a spoiler of episode 15, but I’m afraid some of you might think it is.) Have you watched ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’? It is a South Korean TV series, but also available on Netflix as one of the top popular TV dramas globally. The series tell you about Woo Young-woo, a lawyer who just start her career at a large law firm in Korea. But there are 2 special things on her: First, she is a novice lawyer who just graduated law school, Second, she has an autism with tremendous memory ability. In other word, she is an ‘Extraordinary’ lawyer. Anyway, let’s dive into the episode 15. A large online shopping company “Raon” got a spear phishing by malicious MS WORD file which was attached in the email. This led to the leak of millions of customers’ financial records. Can you see the point what I want to talk about? I will tell you what. It is the malicious “WORD” file inflowed through the “EMAIL”. I feel so creepy about this. Why? Because the accident in the TV series is so much realistic. Come on, we all know that EXE files are dangerous. But how about document files? I use document files every single day. I guess most of you would also use document files such as word, power point, excel, pdf everyday, too. Those document files are very essential to carry out your work and do the job if you are office worker. But seriously, what if those files are compromised? What if it contains malicious codes in it so you get phishing or ransomware attack? Most companies would purchase and use security solution or multiple security solutions to protect their companies against cyber-attacks. However, as it is described in the TV series, your tradition security solutions have a limitation to detect and block those document files with malicious codes. This is what SecuLetter can provide you. SecuLetter has our own patent technology, so called “Automatized Reverse-engineering Technology”, to analyze, detect and block those malicious codes in your document files. “Reverse-engineering” is a technique that looks at completed files by backtracking it until the assembly level. The CEO of SecuLetter “Lim Chasung” has automated reverse-engineering, which had to be done manually, by making it an algorithm. SecuLetter’s Automatized Reverse-engineering technology allows you to catch malware before an exploit (an attack using a security vulnerability) runs. Unlike existing traditional security solutions, it is effective in detecting unknown malware. Mr. Lim said, “SecuLetter is the only one providing automatized reverse-engineering technology for malicious code detection of document files”. And he also stressed, “If the victim company in the TV series had SecuLetter’s solution, it would have been able to prevent the accident in advance”. For your information, SecuLetter did not sponsor or advise to the author of the TV show. It means that the way of hackers using malicious document files is one of the common and powerful methods to attack you and your company in real life. If you don’t want to be one of the victims of the same cyber threat, please do not hesitate to ask us.  

  • 4 2022.06
    SecuLetter joined RSAC 2022 in San Francisco!

    SecuLetter joined RSAC 2022 in San Francisco from 6th June to 9th June. During the show, we presented Advanced Email Security (SLE, SLES) & Advanced File Security (SLF). More than 500 attendees visited SecuLetter's booth, and most people were attracted by our own patent technology "Automatized Reverse Engineering" technique. Thank you very much for everyone who showed interest in SecuLetter & it was great experience to join our first in-person RSAC event. See you again in RSAC 2023!

  • 3 2022.04
    Why do we still need to invest in Email Security Enhancement?

    Emails most vulnerable link for cyber security threats Emails are the weak link in cyber security as over 90 percent of malware is initiated through mailing systems, even for enterprises deploying multiple security solutions to protect their infrastructure. Malware, phishing and URL-based threats all exploit emails as a valuable vector for cyber attacks and the recent threat faced by Chosun Media Group is a testament to such threats. Read more...

  • 2 2022.04
    How did the founder of SecuLetter raise $12M to build an advanced security company?

    Chasung Lim is the Founder and CEO of SecuLetter. SecuLetter Co., Ltd is an information security company that develops and provides products that detect, diagnose, analyze and block malicious code attacks that are difficult to diagnose by signature and behavior-based security solutions using proprietary automatized reverse engineering analysis technology. Read more...

  • 1 2022.04
    SecuLetter participates in Saudi Arabia’s biggest cybersecurity event @HACK with local partner Best IT

      Korean cybersecurity company, SecuLetter participates in the largest ever dedicated cybersecurity event in the Middle East and North Africa @HACK to showcase cybersecurity solutions with its Saudi Arabia business partner Best IT. @HACK was held from November 28-30 in Riyadh.  The event conducted three highly successful days of expert discussions, knowledge sharing, education and hacking competitions that have redefined the cybersecurity landscape of the region. Over 24,872 attendees from 70 countries joined the action-packed event in Riyadh, organized by the Saudi Federation of Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones (SAFCSP), and the largest events company in the world Informa Tech, in association with the renowned cybersecurity event company Black Hat. Read more...