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Detect & Block Threat Inflowed Through Email

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Advanced Email Security (Server Edition, Cloud Edition)

SLE is an advanced email security solution protecting corporate system
from cyber attacks such as APTs, phishing, malware,
impersonation attacks inflowed through email.


Provides advanced threat detection capability against malicious attachments, and URLs, zero-day attacks.


Proactively blocks the malicious content before reaching to the mailbox.


Extensively inspect emails for encrypted, password-protected file attachment.


Provides accurate diagnosis rate and reduce false positive /negative by assembly level analysis.


Detects evasive threats which does not take any action in sandbox environment.


Simple deployment without any changes on existing processes.


Deploys on-premise or cloud- based service integrated with mail system.

Key Features

  • Powerful Detection & Blocking
    • Detect and block email containing malicious content.
    • Scan files can be downloaded from the URL link included in email.
    • Quarantine and archive detected malicious email.
  • Fast & Accurate Analysis
    • Analyze malicious code hidden in the file attached to the email.
    • Analyze malicious file included in password protected file.
  • Admin Friendly & Easy to Use
    • Alert detected malicious email to administrator and recipient.
    • Support policy management for exceptions.

How It Works

  • On-premise Edition for In-house Mail Server Integration
  • Cloud Edition for Public Email Users

Case Studies


Public Company With having around 3,000 employees,
the company uses numerous document files via email on a daily basis.
However, the internal IT team faced the limitation of existing sandbox-based
email security solution as those solutions could not diagnose malicious document files.

Using SLE brought the company enhanced email security environment &
better work performance by detecting more than 20,000 malicious attachment files.


Telemarketng Company As a telemarketing company, the business has high employee turnover rate which
means the management team should handle lots of resumes inflowing via email.
In addition the CEO's PC got malware attack and caused ransomware attack to internal employees email.

SLE appliance is deployed after the 3rd party's anti-spam solution.
Those malicious email file attachments, which bypass anti-spam solution,
are analyzed and blocked by SLE.


Manufacturing Company The company's business has been growing very fast in recent 2 years. Increased sales amount & contracts required increased file transactions via emails with their partners. Most files are high-confidential so the company found out that their existing email security solution provided by O365 was not enough to block recent APT attacks.

While using SLES trial license, the team found more than 2,000 target APT attacks for a month which bypassed their existing solutions.

See the Reality

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