We Protect You From
Advanced Cyber Attacks

As the premier proactive protection against advanced cyber threats,
we aim to secure the digital domain in one unified solution at scale for customers across the world.

Our Vision & Mission

SecuLetter aims to secure the digital contents against advanced cyber threat for customers across the world.
Digital contents are the major communication tool in 21st century.
We, SecuLetter, have an ambition to make digital communication as safe as
possible with our own patent expertise.

Our History

  • 2021
    Dec Awarded for CDR Solution from 'Security Awards Korea 2021’
    Oct Certified ISO 27001
    May Selected as Innovative Technology SMB (Innobiz)
    Jan Selected as a ‘Promising R&D Innovation Product’ from MSS
    Selected as a ‘Youth Friendly hidden Champion’ from MOEL
  • 2020
    Dec Selected as a ‘Untact Voucher Service Provider’ from MSS
    Jun Registered MARS V2 on Public Procurement Service
    Feb Capitalized 9.9 Billion Won from Saudi RVC, KDB Bank
  • 2019
    Oct Registered KRX Start-up Market
    May Acquired CC EAL2 Certification
    Jan Capitalized 1 Billion Won Investment from Woori Bank
  • 2018
    Aug Win the Security Startup Forum
    May Launched SecuLetter Cloud Email Security Service (SLCS)
  • 2017
    Sept Certified SecuLetter Email & File Security Good Software S1 Level
    Aug Selected as ‘First Penguin’ from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • 2016
    Dec Selected as ‘2017 Promising Venture Company’ and K-Global 300, Ministry of Science & ICT
    Oct Capitalized 2 Billion Won from Korea Investment Partners & UTC
    Selected as ‘2016 K-GLOBAL STARTUP’, Ministry of Science & ICT
    Mar Venture Company Registration (20160102281)
  • 2015
    Sept Established SecuLetter Corporation