• Chasung Lim

    CEO / Founder

    As a CEO and founder of SecuLetter, Chasung Lim is responsible for design & developing products, commrecializing new technology and also driving global business.
    Mr. Lim was an analyst in cyber security companies in Korea for more than 7 years with his own patent of new technology below.

    • Design & Develop DICA (Dynamic Intelligent Content Analysis) Cloud System Engine
    • Design & Develop Automatized Non-PE Vulnerability Analysis (Auto Vulnerability Analysis System) Engine
  • Yunsoo Lee


    Dr. Lee was formerly EVP Operations and Global ICT Cooperation, Research at KISA, Korea Internet & Security Agency affiliated organization of the Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea.
    30+ professional knowledge and experience in management & operations for global high-tech software companies, domestic major telecom corp. and Software and Cybersecurity public agencies. Served as an ICT advisor to Cyber Operations Command of ROK, Republic of Korea Army and Seoul Digital Foundation.

  • Seungwon Lee


    Innovative, articulate, goal-oriented IT security specialist with over 20 years of experience working for top multinational companies, including Samsung Electronics and AhnLab.
    Mr. Lee has multiple patent written as below.

    • PE File Diagnostic System and its Method and Applicable Modules, 2010
    • Apparatus and Method for Automatically Discriminating Malicious Code, 2012
    • Apparatus and Method for Detecting Forged/Tampered Applications, 2013
    • Apparatus and Method for Detecting Malicious Applications, 2013
    • Method and Apparatus for Inspecting Malicious Message, 2014
    • Method and Apparatus for Detecting Risk of Message, 2014
  • Johnnie Kim

    Business Director

    Mr. Kim is responsible for domestic & public sales business. As a business director, he builds strategies/infrastructures/organizations for marketing, sales, and channel business.

    • 2001 ~ 2022 Ahnlab : Endpoint, Security (Consulting, Security SI, Security Service) Division / Channel Manager (Partner Sales), SMB Sales Manager, Telco Sales
    • 2020 : Director of entire anti-vaccine business for Ministry of National Defense
    • 2018 : Director of endpoint security field for Pyeongchang Olympic Organizing Committee
    • 2014 : Director of evaluation of vulnerability analysis of key information and communication infrastructure for KERIS & National Office of Education.


  • Peter Cha
    • Service Platform Team

    Peter Cha

  • Benett Choi
    • Marketing Team

    Benett Choi

  • Jenny Jang
    • Global Business Team

    Jenny Jang

  • Seunghwan Yang
    • Threat Analysis & Diagnosis Team

    Seunghwan Yang

  • Minjin Ko
    • Quality Assurance Team

    Minjin Ko

  • Yoseph Lee
    • Business Planning Team

    Yoseph Lee

  • Eric Jung
    • Enterprise & Finance Sales Team

    Eric Jung

  • Daniel Heo
    • Government & Public Sales Team

    Daniel Heo

  • Chris Choi
    • Cloud Service Sales Team

    Chris Choi

  • Aiden Cho
    • Sales Engineering Team

    Aiden Cho

  • Paul Youn
    • Strategic Planning Team

    Paul Youn

  • Anesin Yi
    • CDR Team

    Anesin Yi

  • Jonghyun Han
    • SI Team

    Jonghyun Han

  • Jay Jung
    • TI Team

    Jay Jung

  • Levin Jang
    • Engine Team

    Levin Jang

  • Kathy Park
    • Channel Business Team

    Kathy Park

  • Jigon Ko
    • MARS Team

    Jigon Ko

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