Digital Content is ESSENTIAL 
in Business Communication

Malicious cyber attacks are evolving. Threat techniques which can evade existing security systems are increasing day by day.
Detecting and blocking the new and unknown pattern requires new cutting-edge technology.

SecuLetter MARS PlatformEnhanced Standard Layers & Cutting-edge APT Protection

SecuLetter compensates the existing signature and behavior based APT solution vulnerability and deliver the most advanced threat detection capabilities defend against the malicious code attack by automatized reverse-engineering analysis.

  • Threat Analysis

    • Static Analysis

    • CTI & AI Analysis

    • Dynamic

  • CDR
    (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)

    • Identify
      Active Content

    • Remove
      Active Content

    • Reconstruct

  • Debugger Analysis

    • Principle of

    • CVE

    • Process Stack

    • Memory

    • Execution

    • Obfuscation
      Script Decoding

Competitive AdvantageWe proactively defend against unknown cyber attacks before they occur.

  • Assembly Level Diagnosis Accurate Diagnosis Rate, Reduce False Positive/Negative
  • 5 Times Faster Reduce 80% of Diagnosis Time vs APT Solution
  • Neutralize Evasion Technique Detect and Block Malware to Evade Diagnosis

The Next Generation APT ProtectionWe cover the blind spots of existing security solution.